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Adultery and Divorce

Therefore, the whole issue is garbed in a strong cloak of secrecy making it all the more difficult to arrive at the right statistics. Whatever might be the right figure, adultery is widespread, and when revealed, leads to a divorce. Adultery and Divorce Every person who has an extra marital affair knows their act is fraught with danger, yet continues the alliance believing that their new found love is true. However, at times they also doubt the strength of their relationship. Do you also belong to this category of speculating people? If your extra marital liaison is based on a need for sexual gratification, it is bound to terminate soon.

Relationships that are formed for emotional fulfilment tend to last long. Even if you feel that your adulterous relationship is very strong, never ever contemplate divorcing your family to remarry your new love. You might affirm that this new found person is ideally suited for you. Right now, you think that divorcing your spouse and remarrying the other person is the key to your happiness. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth.

The failure rate of second marriages is much higher than the failure rate of first time marriages. 85% of second marriages fail, if divorced people remarry within two years of their divorce. Moreover, extra marital alliances are based on lies and deceit. Can any relationship grow on such negative foundation? High Divorce Rates of Second Marriages You might disagree out of belief in your affair, or for your new found love who may appear to be the right person.

However, every relationship has its flaws. You will definitely encounter problems in your new relationship too. The only difference is that these problems would be of an entirely different nature than those from your previous marriage.

Moreover, spouses are more unwilling to forgive and ready to divorce the second time. First divorces are initiated rather late due to the fear of a post-divorce existence. Second divorces are petitioned relatively faster. What would you do if your second marriage also ends in a failure? Where would you go then? It is not possible to go back to the family you had divorced.

You have aggrieved and heaped much suffering on your blameless spouse and children by your adultery. They would definitely not accept you back. What would you do in such an eventuality? It is no wonder that 9 out of 10 adulterous relationships end in regret. Rethink your decision of divorcing your family. Instead of subjecting your children to the hardships entailed by a divorce, try working on your existing relationship. You can always seek professional help if you so desire.

Unfortunately, very few people make a sincere effort at building a better relationship with their spouse. Instead they seek new persons outside marital boundaries. Adultery is on the rise. Why Are Adulterous Relationships Increasing? Generally, adultery is induced by the routine boredom that sets in after a few years of married life. In order to erase such boredom, people try out new friendships. It is easy to meet new people either in church, the neighbourhood or local clubs.

New friendships can be formed in offices where people work in close proximity. Another medium that is being used for developing relationships is the internet. People enjoy online chatting for the privacy and secrecy it offers. Usually, men seek relationships outside marital boundaries to boost their ego while women are into such cyber alliances to banish the boredom they feel. Everyone believes that adultery is wrong, yet many people are adulterous. Even today, adultery is the prime reason cited to prove the irrevocable break down of a marriage in the UK.

1/3rd of men and 1/4th of women form extra marital acquaintances. If you are one such person make all efforts at making your marriage work rather than opting for a divorce. Your quest for a right spouse will never be successful for no such person exists. Perfection is the antithesis to human nature, don't you agree?.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see http://www.quickie-divorce.com

Adultery and Divorce

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