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Get Your Ex Back - Why A Hungry Dog Doesnt Get Fed

Have you ever heard the proverbial old saw about "Why A Hungry Dog Doesn't Get Fed?" The logic behind this phrase is important for you to understand right now if you really want to get back together with your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband and you have been acting a little desperate or needy. Think about it. What do you do when a hungry dog shows up at your door? You probably know that you need to shoo it away, because if you feed it you will be stuck with that dog coming back over and over for another free meal and that dog will become a real nuisance. So you pick up the phone and call the Pound or the Humane Society instead.

But what happens if a handsome, well fed dog with a nice shiny collar happens to show up at the door instead? Well you admire that dog, but you know it doesn't need you to feed it; it's obviously well fed and groomed and probably just lost or wandering around checking out the neighborhood. So you feel a little relieved, perhaps even think that it might be nice to have a dog like that. Do you get the metaphor here? You don't want to come across to your ex as the "needy dog" - you want to be the handsome, well fed dog instead. Exhibiting desperate behaviors such as calling all the time and pleading or begging with your ex to get back together with you only makes you seem like a "needy dog" to your ex and this will only push them further away. You can see this behavior will not make you the least bit attractive to your ex, but the other thing you need to understand is that people tend to want what they can't have, and if you are showing up at your ex's door all the time looking for emotional reassurance you certainly aren't that beautiful well taken care of dog that they might admire but that's just out of their reach.

You see people like people who like themselves, who are confident and emotionally secure and who don't "need" anyone to make them happy. So if you really want to win back the love of your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, do them and yourself a favor and give them some space for awhile while you get a handle on your emotions and cut loose the desperate, needy behaviors. Then you'll be in the best position to begin planning a SMARTER strategy to win back your ex.

Hi, I'm Claire Tourney and I've got some great info on how you can get your self esteem and confidence back and get your ex back too. Discover a SMARTER strategy for getting back your lost love by checking out my Squidoo lens Get Your Ex Back!

Get Your Ex Back - Why A Hungry Dog Doesn't Get Fed!

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