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How To Change Your Life In An Instant

By Saleem Rana Do you want to know the secret to a life of magic and miracles? It can be captured in a single word that speaks volumes and is the alpha and omega of all created life. That word is love. It is a sublime energy. When you touch anything with love it blossoms.

All of life flourishes to the touch of love. It is the most sacred thing about us. Despite all the cares and tribulations that you face as a human being, with many of them seemingly unbearable, it is good to discover that you are only one step away from becoming incredible. You see, all you have to do is nurture the love within yourself, and let it rise within you like the smoke from a sacred fire, and this love will burst into a flame that will change everything before you and behind you. Love will make you see how special and wonderful and awe-inspiring it is to be YOU! Love will make you appreciate the wonderfulness of others.

And love will make your desires fly with joyful wings toward you. All you have to do to awaken your spirit and your life is to deeply commit to the nurturing and expression of love. When you do work that you love, you will find yourself never tiring. When you share your money with love, it will come back to you multiplied, pressed down, and overflowing. When you share your thoughts and feelings with others they will listen to everything you have to say and work in harmony with and for you.

Love, it will make the desert bloom like a rain forest. It will make your finances leap up and do back flips. It will heal all your relationships and your aloneness.

It will pave the path in front of you with the gold of sunlight and will soothe you to peace like the voice of an angel. If you are looking for the ultimate manifestation tool: it is this, this mysterious and wonderful energy called love.

Resource Box: Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas with you. Hunting everywhere for a life worth living? Discover the life of your dreams. His F.R.E.E book tells you how. http://www.theempoweredsoul.com/enter.html

How To Change Your Life In An Instant

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