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Ways to Get a Do It Yourself Divorces

People are always looking to find that easier way to handle a divorce. Be it a "Divorce kit" or a "Do it yourself Divorce" If a couple has come to the point of not being able get within so many feet of each other before they start to fight or have grown apart and their lives have taken different tracks it may be time for a divorce. If both party's agree, then spend as little money as possible on the divorce itself.

Many couples are short or cash because their money is tied up in other places at the moment. Be it a past due bill that needs to be paid for or just having tons of debt. For what ever the reason, people have made it easer and less costly for people to get get a divorce.

Below is how easy it was explained to me by a 20 year old female friend who did it herself; I was looking on the Internet for divorce information one day and found out there are sites that you are able to get divorce "kits" on, they call it "do it yourself divorce kits". They even have all the documents that you need to have signed. If you don't quite know how to do this "do it yourself divorce" they will also provide you with a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the whole thing. Its really easy to do unless you have kids but that a different story. Another way is by going to your library.

This is probably going to take more time then doing it on the Internet but these both are efficient way of getting the job done where you don't have to see the other party and it won't burn a hole in your pocket. When going to the library the first thing your going to want to do is find a book on on "nolo" divorce legal speak for "do it yourself", or something along those lines, if you are having trouble finding a book on that subject ask the person who is in charge that day. Inside the book you should find most of the divorce papers and instructions on where to flie the paperwork. You may need a few others for your local city but most are just standard forms. After gathering the papers make sure to print off at least 6 copies.

Then you must go down to the courthouse and get the papers notarized and filed at the local courthouse. After completing that, you will then have to set up a court date. This is when the final step of the divorce will take place. As you can see she didn't even know where to start but found out in just a short period of time and got the divorce she needed by doing it herself. Now keep this in mind "do it yourself divorces" aren't right for everyone, but they do work for some people. They also can get really expensive if you have children, so if your are having some money problems a "Divorce package" shouldn't hurt you bank book to bad.

Well good luck in the future and hope everything works out for you.

Darin Lawson Hosking has much more advice for Surviving Divorces at www.survivingdivorces.com

2 Ways to Get a "Do It Yourself Divorces"

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