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Here is a list of do's and don'ts to help you learn the tricks of nightclub etiquette:

What to wear, what to wear

If you're going to a trendy, posh nightclub, wear a nice pair of pants, a classy shirt and dressy shoes. You are not going to the mall so don't wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops or rubber shoes. If you are going with friends, make sure that they too know how to dress up. Because if one gets into trouble for not knowing or following the rules, chances are your whole group will suffer for it.

Facing the line and the bouncer

There may be line once you get to the club. Approach the bouncer and be friendly. Casually ask how long the wait will be. If the bouncer looks indifferent, discreetly slip a bill in his palm while shaking his hand. Remember to be inconspicuous. You can also try arriving with women because bouncers let the ladies in first. Women have it very easy when it comes to getting into clubs. You are less likely to get in if you are a large group of males, so narrow down the size of your group by splitting up while waiting in line.

Avoid being bounced

Bouncers are your ticket in. Remember that if you annoy the bouncer, not only will you not get into the club; you will never be able to show your face in line again.

When you get to the bar

When you get to the bar to order some drinks, try to order for everyone in your group. Get your friends' orders and all of you can take turns in doing this. Be patient; the bar may get really busy at times. Don't resort to rudeness and arrogance to get the bartender's attention. Like you, nobody likes to be treated like a servant. Because s/he isn't, you know.

Paying for drinks

Many people commit the mistake of running up a huge tab on their credit cards when nightclubbing. With the huge crowd the bartender is attending to every second, chances of you getting overcharged by mistake on your card is not unheard of. So to be smart about it, we suggest that you always have your money ready when ordering and paying for drinks.

On the dance floor

Dancing is not a talent everyone can claim for themselves. This being the case, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are banned from dancing at nightclubs. So what do you do if you have two left feet? May we suggest don't call attention to yourself by bumping and grinding with others who are not into it? Or by dancing like maniac and bothering everyone on the dance floor? Continuing to annoy others and misbehaving yourself is just asking for trouble. You might get bounced and ruin the evening for others. Just move to the music and enjoy yourself. Dancing is not rocket science.
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